Today, Gary Johnson released his picks for the Supreme Court. He doesn’t have a chance of ever nominating any of these people, so he should have snuck in some left-field picks, such as:

  1. Jim Gray. He was Gary’s running mate in 2012. Plus, he’s an actual judge. He was at a Libertarian National Convention, so clearly he still cares about the party. Jim Gray spent a lot of time campaigning for Gary Johnson and by his own admission, until two weeks before the convention, he thought that he was going to be Gary’s running mate again. But he got pushed aside last minute for Bill Weld. Why not repay Jim Gray for his service by mentioning him as a potential Supreme Court nominee?
  2. Andrew Napolitano. Another libertarian judge. Gary’s not Bernie Sanders. His base just barely tolerates him. His base is libertarians, who show only lukewarm support for Gary but almost universally love Andrew Napolitano. Putting him on this list might improve his standing with libertarians a bit. However, the mainstream would rip this pick apart because most people see him only as a Fox News hack.
  3. Eugene Volokh. In any case, Eugene Volokh runs a widely read blog that is more influential than most law reviews. His writing has even been cited by the Supreme Court. He has never been a judge, but some of Gary’s picks have never been judges, and there’s even a current Supreme Court justice that had never been a judge before entering the Supreme Court.
  4. Ron Paul. Why not, he’s almost dead. How much damage could he do?
  5. A computer. There’s already a chat bot lawyer that has fought 160,000 parking tickets. With just a little more investment, the government can build a computer program that can interpret the constitution faithfully, without the biases the average person holds.

Are there any hardcore constitutionalists I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments.